Lotus Club Miami (LCM) is the long established primary location to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts here in South Miami. LCM Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts was established January 2, 2011 by head instructor Arvin “Ace’’ Panlasigui. Sensei Ace is a 3rd degree black belt under Professor Eduardo (Lotus Club NY) & Master Moises (Lotus Club Brazil). Ace has +20 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and over 30 years of experience in martial arts.


Lotus Club Miami offers a wide variety of Programs for learning Jiu Jitsu, including Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Classes for Adults, NO GI Submission Wrestling, MMA, Strength & Conditioning, as well as Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes



Learn and practice the principles and fundamental techniques that build jiu jitsu



Explote the different possible combinations of principles and fundamentals to cover all of your self defense needs


The purpose is to focus on the individual needs of each student and to help them develop their own strategies and style.



Children all ages acquire discipline, respect, values and skills through the process of learning how to defend themselves



Mixed Martial Arts

Learn striking and grappling while you burn fat and build muscle with our high intensity workout regime



This combination of jiu jitsu and wrestling is practiced without gi and enables a quick transition to self defense and mma



Strength and Conditioning training involves a wide range of exercises developed to build a variety of skills.



The purpose is to focus on the individual needs of each student and to help them develop their own strategies and style.


The Competition class is only open to those who are training to compete for the LCM Competition Team. 



Benefits of Lotus Club Miami

Lotus Club Miami
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Ricardo RiveraRicardo Rivera
22:49 16 Sep 22
Sensei Ace is kind and warmhearted, with a heart that's always in the right place. Despite from the youtube video, he reacted in a way I'd want my child to be protected especially in the times we live in. The dojo is home, a place of peace and art for all. So when someone comes to disrespect it and refuses to leave, how else would you react?An experienced fighter, quality Jiu-Jitsu instructor, and protector of all!
Neena MendiolaNeena Mendiola
00:40 16 Sep 22
Great instructors for every age and every level! ALWAYS a welcoming environment and I’ve never felt more safe in this dojo. You will learn REAL self defense and build REAL character at this place. Truly one team one dream. I wish every jiu-jitsu school was like this one
Johnny Campos JrJohnny Campos Jr
05:30 12 Sep 22
Mr. Ace lost his cool and felt threatened when real martial artist from the Cobra Kai dojo made a visit to his McDojo.If the big bad bjj guy is afraid of karate. Maybe his students should join karate and stop rolling around on the floor hugging each other.
Brian LeeBrian Lee
04:52 11 Sep 22
Ace is a very dedicated, knowledgeable, considerate, and personable instructor. Don’t believe the negative reviews bc I guarantee none have had an actual personal experience with him as an instructor or as a person.
Johnny Campos JrJohnny Campos Jr
03:28 11 Sep 22
Mr. Ace lost his cool and felt threatened when real martial artist from the Cobra Kai dojo made a visit to his McDojo.If the big bad bjj guy is afraid of karate. Maybe his students should join karate and stop rolling around on the floor hugging each other.
Motion OceanMotion Ocean
12:03 09 Sep 22
The instructor is a fraud and has anger problems. If I’m being honest, I don’t even understand how people even let him run a Dojo when clearly he doesn’t even know how to run himself. It’s understandable though - when the 3x Valley champion from the Cobra Kai Dojo challenges you…I’d be scared too.
geoffrey hubbardgeoffrey hubbard
18:55 08 Sep 22
Sensei Ace showed very poor self control and anger management towards the Cobra Kai Dojo after being respectfully challenged. He lost his cool and began cursing and screaming even in front of children as he claims there was a kids class going on. Cobra Kai Dojo was not being aggressive at all but Sensei Ace showed fear, hostility and threatened to beat up Cobra Kai students. Luckily for him Sensei Johnny Lawrence wasn't around. Maybe Sensei Ace should go train at Miyagi Do to learn how to better control his anger. We'll see you at the All Valley Tournament next year, cobra kai never dies. Also how are you a martial artist and don't know the movie "karate kid" come on now 🤦‍♂️
Giselle SuarezGiselle Suarez
17:21 08 Sep 22
Lotus Club has great teachers that have the patience to work one on one with your child. They care that the kids understand the sport and do it correctly. It is a very personalized experience and my son loves going every week to the classes. The teachers are very friendly and care about the work they do.
Pedro BarrigaPedro Barriga
13:31 08 Sep 22
This man is a bad example for the martial arts community. Cussing in front of a under age girl. This kind of attitude must be addressed and fix right away. A good long period of anger management classes is what this man needs in his life.But overall the club installations is decent.
01:08 06 Sep 22
The Sensei didnt want to challange Cobra Kai.
Liz 1224Liz 1224
21:54 26 Oct 21
Great instructors! Great with kids any age, their passion for what they do is contagious. Also very welcoming and family oriented environment. I could say more!
David DiazDavid Diaz
15:48 01 Oct 20
Lotus Club is an absolutely amazing place to learn Jiu Jitsu. Sensei Ace is extremely welcoming and a great instructor. Works great with kids too! I recommend this place to anyone interested in learning.
Manuel GonzalezManuel Gonzalez
00:50 24 Sep 20
My kids have been training at Lotus Club for a few years. Best decision I’ve ever made for them. They have not only learned how to defend themselves but also about discipline, hard work and good morals. The coaches are amazing at teaching and guiding the kids.
carla rojascarla rojas
22:20 23 Sep 20
Great atmosphere awsome place my son loves it and very family oriented great sensi and professors I love it. Kids learn alot here and get to make amazing friends with others.
14:14 18 Sep 20
Great place! I drive down from Broward just to train here. My child, also, trains in this school. Awesome teacher, students, everything. Lotus Club Miami for life! 💯
William GuellWilliam Guell
23:19 17 Sep 20
Awesome place to learn and train bjj. Great environment, every member of the team make you feel welcome, make you feel like family.
Julia DuchowJulia Duchow
18:32 17 Sep 20
Ace the owner is such a professional and a super friendly guy! Be ready to learn at all levels of experience when you come to his Dojo. Great place for the whole family to learn something new and spend great time together.
Alex ElliottAlex Elliott
21:24 25 Mar 20
I've been training at Lotus Club Miami for several years. From the first day I walked in as a complete novice, through today, the instruction and atmosphere have been top notch. Friendly instructor, staff, and other students make this an amazing place to train.
Alexander HAlexander H
19:40 25 Mar 20
Awesome place to train and learn. If you’re interested in learning jiujitsu in a community oriented and open environment where the atmosphere is a friendly state of competition then this is the place for you. Professor Ace is passionately willing to assist your growth in this lifelong martial art. A place where you’re always welcomed.
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