It is a strangulation technique, we use it from the opponent’s back, bending the arm to press his neck and subdue him.

This technique consists of two ways to apply:We wrap our arm around the opponent’s neck and grasp our own biceps with the other arm.We join and close our hands instead of circling the neck.With the grasping technique and the strangulation technique, it is the most used due to the very high control we have over our opponent and does not entail the risk of damaging the windpipe.If we perform this technique incorrectly, it can be extremely dangerous. By performing this technique we reduce our opponent’s air supply, which drives the opponent to unconsciousness and, if held even longer, can cause irreversible brain damage or death from brain hypoxia.For this reason, it is important that we have knowledge of the physical state of our opponent when applying this technique, likewise to leave the technique at the first sign of surrender or loss of consciousness.

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