ADVANCED Adult Advanced Jiu Jitsu Program Category JIU JITSU & NOGI DRESS CODE GI & NO GI LEVEL BLUE BELT AND UP PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Advanced class contains techniques, exercises and concepts that range from the most basic to the most current positions used in competitionLots of drills, situationals and sparring are carried out each class […]

Intermediate Bjj

INTERMEDIATE Explore the different possible combinations of principles and fundamentals to cover all of your self defense needs Category JIU JITSU & NOGI DRESS CODE GI & NO GI LEVEL WHITE BELT 2 STRIPES AND UP PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Intermediate classes deepen your understanding and execution of the fundamental Jiu Jitsu techniques and start to set […]

Beginners Bjj

BEGINNERS Learn the principles and fundamental techniques that build Jiu Jitsu Category JIU JITSU & NO GI DRESS CODE GI & NO GI LEVEL 0 TO WHITE BELT 2 STRIPES PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes cover a wide variety of drills, techniques and sparring. The drills are basic natural movements that condition your body. These […]