This combination of Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling is practiced without GI and enables a quick transition to self defense and MMA

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Nogi Submission Grappling is like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but without the Gi (Jiu-Jitus uniform). Most of the Submission Grappling students wear a rash guard or t-shirt and a form of sport or fight shorts to train in. This is very ideal for self defense. In this class we focus on take downs, take down defense, and ground submissions attacks and escapes.
Our Nogi class is broken down into 3 areas. Warm up drills, Techniques and Sparring. Warm up drills condition your body and enhance your ability to learn and apply the following Techniques. The Techniques are drilled over and over so that it becomes part of your muscle memory. New techniques are introduced daily to keep the student growing and hip to what is the latest and greatest.
Sparring is very important for the progression of everyone. Students need to be able to apply moves and defend against other students during live competition. Repeated sparring allows the student to sharpen old techniques and apply new techniques. Sparring humbles each student by exposing areas that need improvement. This is where real growth takes place.
The Nogi Submission Grappling class is perfect for those looking to improve there techniques as a ground fighter or for Self Defense. It is also ideal for practitioners of MMA who are looking to develop a well rounded ground game for competition.