Your private lesson will depend on the goals you want to accomplish.

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A private lesson is a one on one training session between the student and Head Black Belt Coach Arvin Ace Panlasigui. Your private lesson will depend on the goals you want to accomplish. Most students who take private lessons mainly want to improve on there techniques, strategy and conditioning. There are also people who choose to have a group private lesson with a friend, significant other or child. Private lessons as a group, is ideal for parents whose schedule does not permit them to attend the every day classes. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this is a great time to gain a solid understanding of techniques used for practice, competition and real life.
The purpose is to focus on the individual needs of each student and to help them develop their own strategies and style. Nowadays in competition, you see people using certain physical traits to there advantage. What may work well for another practitioner may not be the right technique or style for a person of different body type. Coach Ace can identify strengths and weaknesses and tailor fit a quality style of martial art that he believes will be most effective for you.
Private lessons are encouraged to the serious student who wants to drastically improve their technique and conditioning in a short period of time. Private lessons are available for individual students, or small groups of 1-4 students. To schedule a private lesson please call (305)-924-2282 or email *group discounts also available.